Atomic Buffalo Turds

Bring these to a party and they won’t last long.  ABT’s or Atomic Buffalo Turds are a great version of the stuffed jalapeno.  Bacon wrapped spicy goodness will keep them coming back for seconds.  But be careful, have too many and you will regret it the next day.  You have been warned.


Prep Time:  20-30 minutes (Not including stuffing mix.)

Cook Time (approx.):  2 hours

Smoker Temp:  250°


  • 6-8 Jalapenos (1 pepper makes 2 ABT’s)
  • 16 oz. of thin cut bacon
  • 16 oz. of hot sausage, regular sausage, or turkey sausage
  • 10 oz. of cream cheese stuffing


  1. Cut jalapenos in half and core them using a corer or a spoon.
  2. Stuff peppers with Four Cheese Stuffing or the like.
  3. Take 1oz. of sausage and cover cheese stuffing.
  4. Wrap pepper with a strip bacon.
  5. Place on a rack. (Optional)
  6. Smoke 2-3 hours at 250°until bacon is cooked.


  • Use thinner, non-flavored bacon.
  • Leave filling out for an hour before use or warm it in the microwave to soften. This will make it easier to squeeze into jalapeno shells.
  • You can use toothpicks to help hold the bacon on the jalapeno if you are having trouble with it staying on.
  • Wear gloves, and don’t rub your eyes or “abuse” yourself before washing your hands.Trust me.

Health Nut:

  • For a “lower” fat option, use turkey sausage or ground turkey to make it even leaner.(No it won’t taste as amazing.)
  • Nitrite/Nitrate free bacon works just as well.
  • Use low fat cheese/cream cheese where you can.

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