Bad Ass Burger from 1 Minute BBQ on Vimeo.
The Bad Ass Burger

Grilling Rule #1: If you are going to purchase a grill and hope to hold any respectability at your first backyard party, the first thing you better learn, and fast, is how to make a burger. This is step A-1 if you want to be considered any type of grill master. And no, I’m not talking about grabbing a stack of frozen 80/20 from your local discount super store and throwing them on the grill. That’s rookie shit. This video will show you how to make a great burger from scratch like a real man (or woman). Now go light the charcoal, grab your spatula, and grow out your beard (not you ladies), because you’re about to learn how to make one hell of a burger. And don’t skimp on the cheese. Side note: This is the only time it is OK to cook red meat beyond medium.

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