Smoked Hot Wings

Slow smoked hot wings are some of the best hot wings you’ll ever have. And bonus, they aren’t fried in oil so they are a lot more healthy as well. Bring these to your next football party or make them ahead of time and throw them on the grill to warm. You won’t have to buy a beer all day. Check out my video on how to make the hot wing sauce if you don’t want store bought. (You don’t want store bought)

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Prep Time:

10 minutes (Not including sauce and marinating.)

Cook Time (approx.):

2 hours

Smoker Temp:

250° to 275°


  • 1 to 2 lbs. of chicken wings (drums, flaps, or entire wing sections)
  • 2 cups of hot wing sauce


  1. Place wings in freezer bag or container.
  2. Pour enough wing sauce. (About 1 cup per 8 large wings.)
  3. Close bag/container and mix around to coat all wings evenly.
  4. If using a freezer bag or equivalent, squeeze out all excess air from bag and reseal.
  5. Place in fridge for at least 4 hours. Overnight is even better.
  6. Remove wings from fridge and place on rack. (Optional. You can place directly on grill grates.)
  7. Brush extra wing sauce from bag/container onto wings.
  8. Smoke at 250°to 275° using apple, peach, or cherry wood.
  9. Baste both sides with “clean” wing sauce after 1 hour.
  10. Cook to 165°internal temperature.
  11. Mix with more hot wing sauce and serve with blue cheese. Tell your guests if they want ranch there is a Hooters down the street.


  • Do not use the hot wing sauce used in the marinating process for basting. It is unsafe to use and you will die.  OK, maybe not but you might wish you were dead. #comingoutbothends
  • Any wood will work so use what you got if you don’t have fruit wood.

Health Nut:  

  • Use chicken breast instead of wings. Not as delicious but you insist on wearing skinny jeans.
  • Remove skin off of the wings. You can even cook with the skin on then just peel it off as you eat.  The skin will keep the wings juicy with less guilt.

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